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Welcome to Salem Links & Lore - a work in progress

Salem Links & Lore is a collection of information about Salem, Massachusetts gathered by the staff of the Salem Public Library. It began many years ago as a file of index cards in the Reference Room used to help answer questions about the city. All of this information has been entered into an online format that can be easily searched by keyword or browsed by subject list. This collection of information will continue to grow as we add new entries.

What kind of information does it have?

The entries in Salem Links & Lore cover people, places and events with some connection to Salem. Frequently asked questions, difficult to research questions and many just plain interesting facts are included. At the end of each entry you will find the source of the information as well as useful books and websites for more in depth research.

How can I search Salem Links & Lore?

To search Salem Links & Lore enter your keywords into the search box to the left of the screen. Then click on either the Go button to find a specific article or the Search button to find any articles mentioning your search terms.

To see an alphabetical list of entries click on the Browse All Subjects link to the left of the screen under navigation.

What other resources are available?

Many entries in Salem Links & Lore list the Vertical File in Salem Collection in their list of "See also" resources. For a list of these topical files including newspaper clippings, pamphlets and other assorted printed materials contained in the Vertical File in Salem Collection use this link.