Disability Pride Month


The Country of the Blind : A Memoir At the End of Sight by Leland, Andrew
Being Seen : One Deafblind Woman
VIsion : A Memoir of Blindness and Justice by Tatel, David S
Sitting Pretty : the VIew From My Ordinary Resilient Disabled Body by Taussig, Rebekah
Crippled Grace : Disability, VIrtue Ethics, and the Good Life by Clifton, Shane
About Us : Essays From the Disability Series of the New York Times by
Disability Intimacy : Essays On Love, Care, and Desire by
Thinking Differently : An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children With Learning Disabilities by Flink, David
Neurotribes : the Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Silberman, Steve
Self-Care for People With Adhd : 100+ Ways to Recharge, de-Stress, and Prioritize You! by Hamdani, Sasha
Adhd Is Awesome : A Guide to (mostly) Thriving With Adhd by Holderness, Penn
Succeeding With Adult Adhd : Daily Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Manage Your Life by Levrini, Abigail
Everything No One Tells You About Parenting A Disabled Child : Your Guide to the Essential Systems, Services, and Supports by Coleman, Kelley
The Autism-Friendly Guide to Self-Employment by Steward, Robyn
Deaf Utopia : A Memoir--and A Love Letter to A Way of Life by Dimarco, Nyle
No Barriers : A Blind Man
Not So Different : What You Really Want to Ask About Having A Disability by Burcaw, Shane
Tenacious : Fifteen Adventures Alongside Disabled Athletes by Cisneros Prevo, Patty
How Ableism Fuels Racism : Dismantling the Hierarchy of Bodies In the Church by Hardwick, Lamar
Disability VIsibility : First-Person Stories From the Twenty-First Century by
Demystifying Disability : What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be An Ally by Ladau, Emily
Accessible America : A History of Disability and Design by Williamson, Bess
A Disability History of the United States by Nielsen, Kim E
Song Without Words : Discovering My Deafness Halfway Through Life by Shea, Gerald
Unmasking Autism : Discovering the New Faces of Neurodiversity by Price, Devon
Small Talk: 10 Adhd Lies and How to Stop Believing Them by Pink, Richard
Magnificent Minds : the New Whole-Child Approach to Autism by Goh, Suzanne
Shouting Won
The Blind Woodsman : One Man
Thunder Dog : the True Story of A Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust At Ground Zero by Hingson, Michael
Disability VIsibility : 17 First-Person Stories for Today : Adapted for Young Adults by
Divergent Mind. Thriving In A World That Wasn


How Lucky : A Novel by Leitch, Will
True Biz : A Novel by Nović, Sara
Just by Looking At Him : A Novel by O
A Room Called Earth : A Novel by Ryan, Madeleine
The Story of Beautiful Girl by Simon, Rachel
All the Light We Cannot See : A Novel by Doerr, Anthony
The Rosie Result by Simsion, Graeme C
The Kiss Quotient by Hoang, Helen
Things Not Seen by Clements, Andrew
Out of My Mind by Draper, Sharon M
Mockingbird : (mok
Out of My Heart by Draper, Sharon M
Unseelie by Housman, IVelisse
Wonder by Palacio, R. J
Ellen Outside the Lines by Sass, A. J
What Happened to You? by Catchpole, James
All My Stripes : A Story for Children With Autism by Rudolph, Shaina
After We Gazed At the Starry Sky by Kida, Bisco
Unbroken : 13 Stories Starring Disabled Teens by
Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Hibbert, Talia
A Sign of Affection. 1 by
Fortune Favors the Dead : A Novel by Spotswood, Stephen
Queenie Jean Is In Trouble Again by Read, Christine (adhd Advocate)
The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time by Haddon, Mark
Give Me A Sign by Sortino, Anna
Full Disclosure by Garrett, Camryn
Run by Keplinger, Kody
Gallant by Schwab, VIctoria
Forging Silver Into Stars by Kemmerer, Brigid
One for All by Lainoff, Lillie

Children & Parents

The girl who thought in pictures : the story of Dr. Temple Grandin by Mosca, Julia Finley.
The London Eye mystery by Dowd, Siobhan.
Mockingbird : (mok
Remember Dippy by Vernick, Shirley Reva.
A boy called Bat by Arnold, Elana K.
The thing about jellyfish by Benjamin, Ali
Al Capone does my shirts by Choldenko, Gennifer
The secret life of Kitty Granger by Falksen, G. D.
Slider by Hautman, Pete
Rules by Lord, Cynthia.
Get a grip, Vivy Cohen! by Kapit, Sarah
The many mysteries of the Finkel family by Kapit, Sarah
Penguin days by Leach, Sara
Slug days by Leach, Sara
Watchdog by McIntosh, Will
A kind of spark by McNicoll, Elle.
The someday birds by Pla, Sally J.
Counting by 7s by Sloan, Holly Goldberg
All my stripes : a story for children with autism by Rudolph, Shaina
The survival guide for kids with autism spectrum disorders (and their parents) by Verdick, Elizabeth.
Point to happy by Smith, Miriam
Bright not broken : gifted kids, ADHD, and autism by Kennedy, Diane M.
A friend for Henry by Bailey, Jenn
Playing by the rules : a story about autism by Luchsinger, Dena.
My brother Charlie by Peete, Holly Robinson
Andy and his yellow frisbee by Thompson, Mary
Understanding Sam and Asperger syndrome by Van Niekerk, Clarabelle.
My rainbow by Neal, DeShanna
Talking is not my thing by Robbins, Rose
Chester and gus by McGovern, Cammie
Planet earth is blue by Panteleakos, Nicole.