Upcoming Titles


Life On Delay : Making Peace With A Stutter by Hendrickson, John (atlantic Senior Editor)
Pegasus: How A Spy In Your Pocket Threatens the End of Privacy, Dignity, and Democracy by Richard, Laurent
Money and Love : An Intelligent Roadmap for Life's Biggest Decisions by Strober, Myra H
Independence Day : What I Learned About Retirement From Some Who'Ve Done It and Some Who Never Will by Lopez, Steve
Good Inside : A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be by Kennedy, Rebecca
The Way of Nagomi : the Japanese Philosophy of Finding Balance and Peace In Everything You Do by Mogi, Ken'Ichirō
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry : the Case for Good Apologies by Ingall, Marjorie
Collisions of Earth and Sky: Connecting With Nature for Nourishment, Reflection, and Transformation by Barr, Heidi
Black and Female: Essays by Dangarembga, Tsitsi
Master Slave Husband Wife : An Epic Journey From Slavery to Freedom by Woo, Ilyon
The Racism of People Who Love You : Essays On Mixed Race Belonging by Mehta, Samira K
The Sh!t No One Tells You About Divorce: A Guide to Breaking Up, Falling Apart, and Putting Yourself Back Together by Dais, Dawn
The Edge of the Plain : How Borders Make and Break Our World by Crawford, James (writer On Aerial Photography)
The Scheme : How the Right Wing Used Dark Money to Capture the Supreme Court by Whitehouse, Sheldon
A Spectre, Haunting : On the Communist Manifesto by MiéVIlle, China
Windfall : the Prairie Woman Who Lost Her Way and the Great-Granddaughter Who Found Her by Bolstad, Erika
When Innocence Is Not Enough : Hidden Evidence and the Failed Promise of the Brady Rule by Dybdahl, Thomas L
Rough Sleepers : Dr. Jim O'Connell and His Quest to Create A Community of Care by Kidder, Tracy
The Riders Come Out At Night : Brutality, Corruption, and Cover Up In Oakland by Winston, Ali
General Relativity : the Theoretical Minimum by Susskind, Leonard
Gods In Shackles : What Elephants Can Teach Us About Empathy, Resilience and Freedom by Iyer, Sangita
Fitter. Calmer. Stronger : A Mindful Approach to Exercise & Nutrition by Goulding, Ellie
"you Just Need to Lose Weight" : and 19 Other Myths About Fat People by Gordon, Aubrey
Sleep Reimagined : the Fast Track to A Revitalized Life by Navab, Pedram
Art Therapy Activities for Kids : 75 Evidence-Based Art Projects to Improved Behavior, Build Social Skills, and Boost Emotional Resilience by Curtis, Erica (licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)
6 Spices, 60 Dishes: Indian Recipes That Are Simple, Fresh, and Big On Taste by Kahate, Ruta
Motherland: A Jamaican Cookbook by Thompson, Melissa
The Wind At My Back : Resilience, Grace, and Other Gifts From My Mentor, Raven Wilkinson by Copeland, Misty
Fodor's Essential Italy by Andrews, Robert
Fodor's Essential Hawaii by Anderson, Karen (travel Writer)
In the Garden of the Righteous: the Heroes Who Risked Their Lives to Save Jews During the Holocaust by Hurowitz, Richard
I Saw Death Coming : A History of Terror and Survival In the War Against Reconstruction by Williams, Kidada E
No Right to An Honest Living : the Struggles of Boston's Black Workers In the Civil War Era by Jones, Jacqueline