Computer Rules

  • You must sign up with a librarian at the desk before getting on a computer.
  • Children in second grade and under must have an parent or guardian aged 14 or above sit with them while using the computer.
  • Computers are for use by children only.
  • Children may use a combined 90 minutes of total computer time per day (time is cumulative across decives). .
  •  Games must be G-rated and non-violent (no fighting, guns, explosions, etc.).
  • Ask for help at the desk before printing anything.
  • You may print and/or photocopy 10 free pages for school assignments (librarians reserve the right to ask for school assignment sheet). All other printing is $.10/page.

Feel Free to Talk to a Librarian! 


  • Parents/Guardians accompanying children may sign out a laptop from the desk (ID required).
  • Laptops can be used for 30 minutes at a time, or up to 90 minutes at the librarian’s discretion if no one is waiting.
  • Only child-appropriate content may be viewed on the laptop.
  • Guardians must continue to supervise the child(ren) in their care while using the laptop, though child(ren) may play, read, use a computer, or utilize any other library resources.


iPad Use Rules

  • Patrons must check out the iPad with their library card.
  • The iPad is pre-loaded with games and interactive books for patron use.  There is no access to a web browser on the iPad.
  • iPad volume must be kept at a reasonable level so as not to disturb other patrons.
  • There is a 30-minute time limit for the iPad. A timer will be started at the beginning of your session. When the timer goes off, the iPad must be returned to the desk.
  • The iPad is for use by children only.
  • Children in the second grade and under must have an adult present at all times during iPad use.
  • The iPad may be checked out for in-room use only. The iPad may not be taken into the courtyard, bathroom, upstairs or out of the building.
  • No food or drink while using the iPad.
  • The Staff Only folder on the iPad is for staff use only. Patrons are not to use apps within the folder.
  • Attempts to tamper with the timer or iPad settings will result in a suspension of technology privileges.
  • The Children’s Room staff reserves the right to terminate iPad use at any time due to inappropriate usage or improper supervision of child/ren.