Autism Acceptance Month Children & Parents

The girl who thought in pictures : the story of Dr. Temple Grandin by Mosca, Julia Finley.
The London Eye mystery by Dowd, Siobhan.
Mockingbird : (mok'ing-bûrd) by Erskine, Kathryn.
Remember Dippy by Vernick, Shirley Reva.
A boy called Bat by Arnold, Elana K.
The thing about jellyfish by Benjamin, Ali
Al Capone does my shirts by Choldenko, Gennifer
The secret life of Kitty Granger by Falksen, G. D.
Slider by Hautman, Pete
Rules by Lord, Cynthia.
Get a grip, Vivy Cohen! by Kapit, Sarah
The many mysteries of the Finkel family by Kapit, Sarah
Penguin days by Leach, Sara
Slug days by Leach, Sara
Watchdog by McIntosh, Will
A kind of spark by McNicoll, Elle.
The someday birds by Pla, Sally J.
Counting by 7s by Sloan, Holly Goldberg
All my stripes : a story for children with autism by Rudolph, Shaina
The survival guide for kids with autism spectrum disorders (and their parents) by Verdick, Elizabeth.
Point to happy by Smith, Miriam
Bright not broken : gifted kids, ADHD, and autism by Kennedy, Diane M.
A friend for Henry by Bailey, Jenn
Playing by the rules : a story about autism by Luchsinger, Dena.
My brother Charlie by Peete, Holly Robinson
Andy and his yellow frisbee by Thompson, Mary
Understanding Sam and Asperger syndrome by Van Niekerk, Clarabelle.
We're amazing 1, 2, 3! by Kimmelman, Leslie
David's world : a picture book about living with autism by Mueller, Dagmar H.
My rainbow by Neal, DeShanna
Talking is not my thing by Robbins, Rose
Chester and gus by McGovern, Cammie
Planet earth is blue by Panteleakos, Nicole.