Hispanic Heritage Month – Adult Fiction

The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao by Díaz, Junot
Mexican Gothic by Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Fruit of the drunken tree : a novel by Rojas Contreras, Ingrid
Of women and salt by Garcia, Gabriela
Sabrina & Corina : stories by Fajardo-Anstine, Kali
The lost book of Adana Moreau : a novel by Zapata, Michael
Parrot in the oven : mi vida : a novel by Martinez, Victor
Dominicana : a novel by Cruz, Angie
The house of impossible beauties by Cassara, Joseph
In the midst of winter : a novel by Allende, Isabel
A long petal of the sea : a novel by Allende, Isabel
Love in the time of cholera : a novel by García Márquez, Gabriel
The house of the spirits by Allende, Isabel.
Dominicana by Cruz, Angie
One hundred years of solitude by García Márquez, Gabriel
The house on Mango Street by Cisneros, Sandra.
Drown by Díaz, Junot
Afterlife : a novel by Alvarez, Julia
The house of broken angels : a novel by Urrea, Luis Alberto.
Velvet was the night by Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
In the time of the butterflies by Alvarez, Julia
Maya's notebook : a novel by Allende, Isabel
The book of unknown Americans : a novel by Henríquez, Cristina
The grief keeper by Villasante, Alexandra.
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