Hispanic Heritage Month – Children’s Non-Fiction

Planting stories : the life of librarian and storyteller Pura Belpré by Denise, Anika
How to hear the universe : Gaby González and the search for Einstein's ripples in space-time by Valdez, Patricia
The distance between us by Grande, Reyna
Frida Kahlo and her animalitos by Brown, Monica
I am Frida Kahlo by Meltzer, Brad
Frida Kahlo by Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel
Areli is a dreamer : a true story by Morales, Areli.
Dreamers by Morales, Yuyi
Soldier for equality : José de la Luz Saénz and the Great War by Tonatiuh, Duncan
Sing with me : the story of Selena Quintanilla by López, Diana
Turning pages : my life story by Sotomayor, Sonia
Cool salsa : bilingual poems on growing up Latino in the United States by
Bravo! : poems about amazing Hispanics by Engle, Margarita
Portraits of Hispanic American heroes by Herrera, Juan Felipe.
Latinitas : celebrating 40 big dreamers by Menéndez, Juliet
Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? by Anderson, Kirsten
Just ask! : be different, be brave, be you by Sotomayor, Sonia
Ella persistió : 13 mujeres americana que cambiaron el mundo by Clinton, Chelsea
The Day of the Dead = El Dia de los Muertos by Barner, Bob.
Areli es una dreamer : una historia real by Morales, Areli
A library for Juana. by Mora, Pat.