LGBTQIA Pride Month Adult Non-Fiction

Another Appalachia : Coming Up Queer and Indian In A Mountain Place by Avashia, Neema
Fun Home : A Family Tragicomic by Bechdel, Alison
She's Not There : A Life In Two Genders by Boylan, Jennifer Finney
Hola Papi! : How to Come Out In A Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons by Brammer, John Paul
Becoming A Man : the Story of A Transition by Carl, Polly K
Boy Erased : A Memoir by Conley, Garrard
Untamed by Doyle, Glennon
Dear Senthuran : A Black Spirit Memoir by Emezi, Akwaeke
High-Risk Homosexual : A Memoir by Gomez, Edgar
We Have Always Been Here : A Queer Muslim Memoir by Habib, Samra
A Cup of Water Under My Bed : A Memoir by Hernández, Daisy
All Boys Aren't Blue : A Memoir-Manifesto by Johnson, George M
How We Fight for Our Lives : A Memoir by Jones, Saeed
The Rules Do Not Apply by Levy, Ariel
In the Dream House : A Memoir by Machado, Carmen Maria
Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls : A Memoir by Madden, T Kira
Tomorrow Will Be Different : Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality by McBride, Sarah
The Argonauts by Nelson, Maggie
Self-Ish : A Transgender Journey Toward Wholeness by Schwenke, Chloe
The Fixed Stars : [a Memoir] by Wizenberg, Molly
Gender : Your Guide : A Gender-Friendly Primer On What to Know, What to Say, and What to Do In the New Gender Culture by Airton, Lee
She/he/they/me : the Great Exploration of the Different Paths That Make You You by Ryle, Robyn
The Deviant's War : the Homosexual Vs. the United States of America by Cervini, Eric
Speaking Out : Queer Youth In Focus by Smith, Rachelle Lee
Gay Like Me : A Father Writes to His Son by Jackson, Richie
Out of the Shadows : Reimagining Gay Men's Lives by Odets, Walt
The Stonewall Riots : A Documentary History by Stein, Marc
Beyond Trans : Does Gender Matter? by Davis, Heath Fogg
Redefining Realness : My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More by Mock, Janet
Becoming Nicole : the Transformation of An American Family by Nutt, Amy Ellis
Transgender History by Stryker, Susan
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves : A Resource for the Transgender Community by
The Transmasculine Guide to Physical Transition : for Trans, Nonbinary, and Other Masculine Folks by Buch, Sage
Modern Herstory : Stories of Women and Nonbinary People Rewriting History by Imani, Blair
Trans : Gender and Race In An Age of Unsettled Identities by Brubaker, Rogers
Love Wins : the Lovers and Lawyers Who Fought the Landmark Case for Marriage Equality by Cenziper, Debbie
Trans Medicine : the Emergence and Practice of Treating Gender by Shuster, Stef M
The Right to Be Out : Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity In America's Public Schools by Biegel, Stuart
What's Your Pronoun? : Beyond He and She by Baron, Dennis E
David Bowie Made Me Gay : 100 Years of Lgbt Music by Bullock, Darryl W
It Came From the Closet : Queer Reflections On Horror by
This Time for Me : A Memoir by Billings, Alexandra
Buffering : Unshared Tales of A Life Fully Loaded by Hart, Hannah
Ten Steps to Nanette :  A Memoir Situation by Gadsby, Hannah
Queer Nature : A Poetry Anthology by
13th Balloon : A Poem by Bibbins, Mark
Homie : Poems by Smith, Danez
Here for It : Or, How to Save Your Soul In America : Essays by Thomas, R. Eric
Gentleman Jack : the Real Anne Lister by Choma, Anne
Wow, No Thank You. : Essays by Irby, Samantha
I Am Ace : Advice On Living Your Best Asexual Life by Daigle-Orians, Cody
Real Queer America : Lgbt Stories From Red States by Allen, Samantha
The Invisible Orientation : An Introduction to Asexuality by Decker, Julie Sondra
Growing Up Queer : Kids and the Remaking of Lgbtq Identity by Robertson, Mary Anna
When Brooklyn Was Queer by Ryan, Hugh
Bi : the Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality by Shaw, Julia
The Gay Revolution : the Story of the Struggle by Faderman, Lillian
Love and Resistance : Out of the Closet Into the Stonewall Era by
We Are Everywhere : Protest, Power, and Pride In the History of Queer Liberation by Riemer, Matthew
The Stonewall Reader by
Raising Lgbtq Allies : A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages From the Playground by Tompkins, Chris (lgbtq Advocate)
Gender Euphoria : Stories of Joy From Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Writers by
Before We Were Trans : A New History of Gender by Heyam, Kit
A Queer History of the United States by Bronski, Michael
Ace : What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex by Chen, Angela
How to They/them : A VIsual Guide to Nonbinary Pronouns and the World of Gender Fluidity by Getty, Stuart
How to Write An Autobiographical Novel : Essays by Chee, Alexander
In Transit : Being Non-Binary In A World of Dichotomies by Anderson, Dianna E
Our Work Is Everywhere : An Illustrated Oral History of Queer and Trans Resistance by Rose, Syan
Queer, There, and Everywhere : 23 People Who Changed the World by Prager, Sarah
Save Yourself by Esposito, Cameron
Sister Outsider : Essays and Speeches by Lorde, Audre
Stonewall : Breaking Out In the Fight for Gay Rights by Bausum, Ann
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves : A Resource by and for Transgender Communities by Erickson-Schroth, Laura