LGBTQIA Pride Month Children’s Fiction and Picture Book

To Night Owl From Dogfish by Sloan, Holly Goldberg
Drum Roll, Please by Bigelow, Lisa Jenn
IVy Aberdeen's Letter to the World by Blake, Ashley Herring
Zenobia July by Bunker, Lisa
The Pants Project by Clarke, Cat
Star-Crossed by Dee, Barbara
Lily and Dunkin by Gephart, Donna
Melissa by Gino, Alex
The Whispers by Howard, Greg
The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher by Levy, Dana Alison
The Best Man by Peck, Richard
This Is Our Rainbow : 16 Stories of Her, Him, Them, and Us by
Worm Loves Worm by Austrian, J. J
Calvin by Ford, Ronald Martin, Jr
Ho'Onani : Hula Warrior by Gale, Heather (children's Author)
Prince & Knight by Haack, Daniel
Red : A Crayon's Story by Hall, Michael
Lovely by Hong, Jess
And Tango Makes Three by Richardson, Justin
From A. to Z. : Not An Alphabet Book by Kirsch, VIncent X
Bunnybear by Loney, Andrea J
Julián At the Wedding by Love, Jessica
Julián Is A Mermaid by Love, Jessica
When Aidan Became A Brother by Lukoff, Kyle
Plenty of Hugs by Manushkin, Fran
My Rainbow by Neal, Deshanna
Sparkle Boy by Newman, Lesléa
Born Ready : the True Story of A Boy Named Penelope by Patterson, Jodie
Stella Brings the Family by Schiffer, Miriam B
Jack (not Jackie) by Silverman, Erica
Harriet Gets Carried Away by Sima, Jessie
Grandad's Camper by Woodgate, Harry
My Two Moms and Me by Joosten, Michael
Daddy, Papa, and Me by Newman, Lesléa