LGBTQIA Pride Month Children’s Non-Fiction

It Feels Good to Be Yourself : A Book About Gender Identity by Thorn, Theresa
Sylvia and Marsha Start A Revolution! : the Story of the Trans Women of Color Who Made Lgbtq+ History by Ellison, Joy Michael
I Am Jazz by Herthel, Jessica
The Meaning of Pride by Thor, Rosiee
The Stonewall Riots : Coming Out In the Streets by Pitman, Gayle E
Transphobia : Deal With It and Be A Gender Transcender by Skelton, J. Wallace
The Gay Rights Movement by Braun, Eric
Rainbow : A First Book of Pride by Genhart, Michael
Stonewall : A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution. by Sanders, Rob
Pride : the Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag by Sanders, Rob
The Gender Identity Workbook for Kids : A Guide to Exploring Who You Are by Storck, Kelly
Becoming An Ally to the Gender-Expansive Child : A Guide for Parents and Carers by Bianchi, Anna
Transgender 101 : A Simple Guide to A Complex Issue by Teich, Nicholas M
Pride Colors by Stevenson, Robin