The One : A Novel by Argy, Julia
The Last Animal by Ausubel, Ramona
Fire Rush by Crooks, Jacqueline
The Tip Line : A Novel by Cuti, Vanessa
Where Coyotes Howl by Dallas, Sandra
Furious Heaven by Elliott, Kate
The Years by Ernaux, Annie
A Wealth of Deception :  A Scandal Mountain Antiques Mystery by Esden, Trish
The Warden by Ford, Daniel M
Juno Loves Legs : A Novel by Geary, Karl
Shadow of Death by Graham, Heather
Kantika : A Novel by Graver, Elizabeth
Greek Lessons : A Novel by Han, Kang
Who Cries for the Lost by Harris, C. S
The Golden Doves : A Novel by Kelly, Martha Hall
Sisters of the Lost Nation by Medina, Nick
Only the Beautiful by Meissner, Susan
The Paper Man :  A Novel by O'Callaghan, Billy
If We're Being Honest : A Novel by Shook, Cat
Symphony of Secrets by Slocumb, Brendan
Silver Alert by Smith, Lee
City of Dreams : A Novel by Winslow, Don