SPL Summer Scavenger Hunt

Each Saturday in July and August we’ll post a list of 10 things for you to find (or make) and photograph! Submit your photos for each week via email. At the end of the summer, participants will be entered in a raffle for gift cards to local restaurants – one raffle entry for every week you participate!

How do I Enter?

Send your photos to: salcontest@noblenet.org

Include this info in your email
Week number:
First name(s):
Can we post your photos to our social media or display them in the library?:

Click on the links below to see each week’s list!


  1. One entry per person (or group) per week!
  2. If you work as a group, please use the same email each week.
  3. Please put all your photos for a week in one email (if possible).
  4. If you missed any weeks, you can still submit photos for the previous weeks’ lists.  Just make sure you send a separate email for each week!
  5. If there’s one or two pictures you can’t find each week, that’s OK!  You can still submit the rest.
  6. For the photos that require people, you can either take a selfie, ask someone else to participate, or possibly find someone who fits the description.  Make sure you ask before you take someone’s picture!
  7. Prizes must be picked up in person at the Salem Public Library